Planning for the New Year

The start of a new year gives us an opportunity to set our goals and create a plan. Paying off debt requires making and following a plan.  Planning your budget at the beginning of the year will force you to look at the year as a whole.  This also prepares you for those upcoming potential stressors like Christmas, birthdays, upcoming trips, summer holidays, and anything else that may set you setback financially or take the enjoyment out of activities and events. 

A number of you have asked what our personal budget looks like and what we choose to include in it. The best way to share our yearly tradition is to record our full meeting and post it for you!  Be warned… this is a 35 minute long video but if you wonder what our yearly budget includes and how we deal with reaching an agreement then the video below is for you.  It is 100% real and unscripted, this is us. 

Happy 2018! Wishing you a fulfilled and abundant 2018!



  1. Amazing video! I have tons of ideas for our budget this year thanks to you guys. Looking forward to the Facebook live video!

  2. Great video! Question: for these expenses that you’re putting money aside for, do you physically move the money into a separate account (or envelope), and how do you keep track of it (ie: spreadsheet or paper list)?

  3. Thanks Jenn. Yes, we have a separate e- saving account with no fees with the same bank we have our checkings with. So when we move money its electronically. We also track the amount being transferred into categories in our finance software. I made a video that shows exactly how we do it. Check it out at https://youtu.be/MlF2m_Sdg14

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